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Snow storm post

Yeah, we got a snow storm going on. Been snowing long before I woke this morning, still snowing now. Right now I can see a couple of people trying to dig out their cars a bit, even though the snow isn't high enough to block the cars from moving.

Dad drove off to the hospital a few hours ago. Happens a couple of times every year, same old song and dance. Since he has C.O.P.D., he has trouble breathing when it gets this cold out, and then when someone gets a cold, he immediately get it after, which turns into pneumonia and then he has to go to the hospital. The only things that differ are the severity and the transportation and the days he has to stay in the hospital; if he's still able to get over his coughing fits, he can drive himself to the hospital, if he can't get it under control, we have to call an ambulance to take him. Thankfully, its more often the first than the latter. I hate seeing the ambulance outside our house. I think its because I have ingrained in my head that when they take him away, he won't be coming back.

Anyway, I'm just posting because I'm really bored at the moment and this seemed like a spectacular idea at the time. Think I'm getting a bit of the winter blues again, even though this is only the first snow storm of winter. Kind of wishing I was still in school, so that I would at least have something to do during the week instead of waiting to get called in to work. Seems the only time I'm working for sure now is on Saturdays. I'm really going to have to start finding a second job, the only problem is it will have to be temporary seeing as I'm still planning on moving next year. Another thing is finding a place that will hire during the winter season. I need a temporary job to last at least until the end of July. Still not certain of when I'm moving, but definitely before the end of next year. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll start asking me to work during the week at the shop. Or maybe I could a temp job at the Hall my brother works at, maybe coat check or something. We'll see what happens.

Well, I'm gonna go stuff my face with chocolate. Bye bye!